All you need to know about Google 8.0 Android

Android Oreo Released and its simply the best

With official release of Android 8.0 Oreo here comes the opportunities for android developers again to get their hands dirty with new updates, apps enhancement and continuous support. Google controlled android has been aggressively giving neck to neck competition to ios in past few years. With latest release here are the following additions to new Oreo

Google says Oreo is simply Smarter, faster ,more powerful and sweeter then ever . The worlds favourite cookie is your new favourite now.

  • The latest Oreo is 2 times faster then the earlier ones
  • It limits the background activities making it more power saving then before
  • Feeling lazy of filling same details on every next app? now with Oreo its solved ,Oreo gives you auto fill functionality just like we have in web browsers
  • Picture in Picture :- It lets you run 2 apps simultaneously
  • Notification dots one click to see whats new and you can easily swipe them away

Worried about any app to install or not?

Well Google has solved this problem for millions of users by scanning over 50 billion apps per day , even the ones user have not installed yet

Oreo lets you save more battery power whether you are talking , chatting ,streaming etc

Oreo has more emojis then ever 🙂

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