Start-up Project Development Check-list

Project Development Check-list

So you have an idea to launch a product or get into the start-up environment right ?

OK .

So let me take you to the small list of things which needs to be ready before getting into this mud of hardowrk and limitless opportunities :)

First of all make a small list of Do’s & Dont’s about your plan to launch an idea.

Do’s should include things like as follows

– Make a proper wire frame or project plan first and foremost important thing .
there are lot of tools available these days using which you can make a detailed plan and idea presentation .

Now you may be thinking why should you present your idea to me ? so I understand its your brain child and you dont want to take any risk with it and to protect that we can sign an NDA .

– You need to decide about who will do the app design or website design .
– You need to understand that most of the apps these days are dynamic in nature think about #Foodstartups like Zomato,foodpanda or dating apps development like Tinder , property portals development or B&B apps like Airbnb Clone development or Car hire apps development like Uber/OlaCabs/Lyft Clone development all these apps and websites are heavily dependent on backend database .

– You need to understand and decide who will be your target audience or target users of this apps. So Demographical decision have to be taken in advance.

-What are your plans related to marketing and advertisements?

– What is your launch programme post development of this system?

– If success how will you convert your Beta product into real and expandable product now ?

– What is the best and economical server for your usage.


If you are getting into the start-up business environment then there is only and only 1 Dont’s to avoid which I personally feel is ” I cant do this ” attitude .

Apart from the above things below is also some list of things to consider additional.

– Do I need to register my company now or should I wait for some investors or partners first.

– What is the percentage of equity should I keep with me or open for investors .

– What is best option for me OPC ( one person company ) or Partnership or pvt limited company.

If you need consultation on above questions or development of your start-up projects then do not hesitate to contact me .

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